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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So the bottom line is, does this product really work?

Have you heard about a new wellness supplement called AMIGO Health? No? Well, I hadn't either until I started researching on the Internet for something natural, yet powerful, to give my son's a boost. When I read about the very special ingredients in AMIGO Health juice, I knew that I had found a unique and potent product.

I initially purchased this supplement in capsule form to help my son. Then I wanted to be on it too because of the tremendous nutritional value, so I started my AMIGO Health juice powder on May 5th.

Here are the positive changes I've seen so far: Within *just 3 days* I saw a *big* difference in the appearance of the joints on my fingers that have arthritis. They are much less swollen, the redness is gone, the burning sensation from the pain is gone, and the flexibility is back to normal. I turned 52 this year, and the arthritis had been getting progressively worse. It's great to notice relief so quickly!

Also, my knees do not have as much inflammation around them. The pain used to be so bad, I could not kneel onto any surface without instantly shouting in pain. Now I can kneel on the floor for about 5 seconds before I have to get up again. That's a little progress! And the tenderness underneath my right heel is no longer bothering me when I walk.

I'm also losing weight...yay! I can tell that my body is burning food more efficiently and my colon, always *extremely* sluggish, is now active the way it's supposed to be, which I know is helping with the weight loss. My cravings for carbs and sweets are practically gone and I'm enjoying more energy during the day. My mood is happier and I'm sleeping very soundly...better than in a long time. My skin is also feeling softer all over my body, and the dark spots on my face (sun damage) are actually getting lighter in color! So I am very pleased, and I look forward to more positive changes as the cells of my body continue to be repaired and nourished by AMIGO Health juice.

Have fun 'touring' my blog. The first two posts (below) provide plenty of info about the special ingredients in AMIGO Health juice, as well as the company that brings it to you.

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Read the comments: Compelling Consumer Testimonials ...


  • More AMIGO Juice user testimonials:

    Walter R.,from Australia wrote:

    I underwent surgery for a large abdominal mass with some of my large bowel removed. The mass was diagnosed as cancerous. The operation was successful. In February last year (2005), my family doctor detected an abnormal liver count from a regular blood test. I was was referred to my gastrointestinal surgeon who performed my operation. A biopsy was performed on my liver after scans showed shaded areas both in the liver & lungs. The results came back indicating cancer! My CEA level (tumor count) via blood test was 63 (a normal person's count is 3 or less). At the age of 82, I thought my life was over. At the time, I was taking prescription medication for blood thinning, high cholesterol, blood pressure, irregular heart beat & was on the verge of diabetes. I was prescribed oral chemotherapy (tablets), one of the best available. My blood pressure & sugar levels were very high. My daughter Tania discovered mangosteen whilst I was in hospital & read up on its medicinal properties as it related to my condition, so we decided to try it. In the next few months I was able to discontinue using medication for high cholesterol, blood pressure & was no longer on the verge of diabetes! In September, I had my first scans since February with very positive results - the liver & lung tumors had reduced in size. In January 2006, another scan was performed with positive results - reduction in tumor size to both areas. Last month (March 2006), my oncologist said the tumors are not spreading. My CEA levels have dropped down to 20! I turn 84 this July & I must say that my body is now able to withstand chemotherapy treatment & my health much improved! I started taking Amigo Juice since its launch date & am already noticing a reduction of numbness to my fingertips, feet & peeling of the soles of my feet. I have become more flexible, and my daughter has noticed a change in my attitude which was quite negative before as I am sleeping better now. Give your body what it requires to heal itself by getting Amigo Juice into your system!

    Dennis Goff wrote: I have to be honest, I don't like to tell stories like some people with other "products" do..hahahah...The Amigo juice/capsules have made a significant difference in my arthritis filled knees. Of course they aren't cured, but they hurt so much less, that I am telling anyone who will listen. And it came at the right time for me. Before I started on Amigo juice my dang knees hurt so bad I could hardly walk around the yard without needing pain pills, it was hell. But after about 3 weeks on the Amigo juice the pain is way way less. In fact, I have started working out of town again in Albuquerque, NM and I am in airports twice a week. I can walk all over the terminals now without much trouble at all. My wife can't believe the difference in my mobility. I had to let you know Amigo juice truly works.

    Dennis wrote: I have been drinking Amigo juice for about 3 weeks now, I love it! I have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and severe arthritis in my knees. So far my sugar level is lower, my blood pressure is normal and my knees seem to hurt less. Of course I am still taking my medications, but I seem to be getting much better results with the added Amigo juice. I will find out how it does on the cholesterol after my next blood test. I am well pleased with the effectiveness of this product.

    Dale Snyder wrote: I have high blood pressure and diabetes. I just checked it this morning and BP was down to 129/80 pulse 83. It usually has been about 160/95 even with medication. The only thing that has changed was taking the Amigo juice the last few weeks. My Glucose level has also dropped. I am hopeful that everything will continue to get back to normal.

    Thomas Andrade wrote: I'm excited to be an Amigo. I am so glad I got in early. About the product and what it is doing for me- I have psoriatic arthritis. Almost a month ago I had to stop Remicade Arthritis Infusion Treatments because of a flu like infection. The treatment lasts 8 weeks before symptoms can begin to return. I have been on Amigo juice for four weeks now and my symptoms have not returned yet. That means I am 4 weeks past due on these arthritis treatments-no pain yet. I have to believe Amigo is a big part, if the not the complete reason. Whatever happens, other areas of my health have improved. I'm a believer.....
    Sinus - Allergies - Headaches

    I don't just sell this product...I am a true believer in the power of taking high level of antioxidants and their anti-inflammatory benefits. Having Acai, Mangosteen and Goji in ONE product is one powerful way to be proactive with your health.

    I suffered from debilitating headaches for two years due to sinus and allergy issues. I was a Top Leader for 10 years in a BIG Direct Sales Company which sells candles. Over the years, I not only became highly allergic to them, but developed a cyst in my sinus cavity which caused me great pain. Before having surgury, a friend of mine encouraged me to try Mangosteen Juice. It not only reduced the inflammation greatly over time, but I was able to reduce the amount of medication I was taking by about 85%! A year later, I have not had to have the surgury and will be having another MRI to document the decrease in size of the cyst, if it is still there at all!

    Now, thanks to Amigo Health, I am able to increase the amount of Mangosteen I take per serving, plus, have the added benefits of Acai and Goji at the same time, but at 1/3rd of the price of what I was spending before.

    Thank You AMIGO HEALTH!

    By Blogger Karen O, at 4:34 PM  

  • Athletes 'weigh in' on AMIGO:

    "I swear by Amigo Juice, packed with antioxidants, amino acids and many other nutrients. I have Vitality, Energy, Endurance and enjoy a Restful Nights Sleep. This is my Fountain of Youth”- Chris Rae, Olympic Weight Lifter / Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist

    "I take Amigo Juice powder every day and I feel great. This is a product everyone needs."- Adam Bergen #89, Arizona Cardinals

    Michael Mcgranahan wrote:
    Hi, I have been taking the super Amigo juice for just over a month. I work out alot and used to get body soreness. Since taking the Amigo juice I have no body soreness. I like to blend my juice with ice and make a slush, it tastes so good. Amigo rocks!

    Tracy Layne wrote:
    Hello fellow Amigos! I just wanted to share a testimonial with everyone.
    My husband lifts weights 6 days a week and has literally stopped taking all his "work out" supplements EXCEPT Amigo Juice. He has noticed a major increase in energy and his work outs have become more intense. I have always worried about some of the "nutritional" products he was putting into his body because he never really took the time to research any of them. Once I told him about Amigo Juice and the health benefits of these "super foods", he was all over it. It's kind of a funny scene in my kitchen every morning as we're racing for the Amigo Juice and not the coffee pot!

    The only side effect that we have experienced was earning enough money in our first month to make a mortgage payment! I have been in a great number of business opportunites over the past 10 years but none of them came close to giving me the satisfaction I receive with Amigo Health.
    Not only are we able to provide a product with amazing health benefits that are changing people's lives (including my own) but we're creating a substantial residual income along the way. What else could you ask for?

    By Blogger Karen O, at 5:50 PM  

  • Product testimonial from a cancer survivor:

    Billie wrote:
    After researching products that contain Xanthones and Glycans in Genetic Disorders and Disease, I noticed the advantage of AMIGO with it's high nutrative anti-oxidant value. As a Breast Cancer survivor, from the very start there were noticeable improvements in my health such as more energy, release from night sweats and phantom shooting pains as well as the lessening of burning pain associated with Osteo-Arthritis and the side effects of interrupted sleep. It is so nice to awake refreshed.
    When I was looking for a Xanthone rich product I had no education about AMIGO. Then to find out that AMIGO contains 3 essential fruits that address different immuno-deficiency maladies, I knew I had stumbled upon a real find. And the price is realistic, especially when you consider all the benefits. It's something I just had to give a try and am so glad that I regularly use this fine product.

    By Blogger Karen O, at 3:51 PM  

  • Heart Health AND Diabetic Sugars Stabilization

    As a new member of the AMiGO family, I researched tons of health juices before signing up. Want to know what I learned? My cardiologist uses it! And my daughter's endocrinologist recommends it. I had a heart attack at age 33 and needed an inexpensive way to help lower my cholesterol levels and strengthen my heart. PLUS my daughter is diabetic (Type 1) and we've found her sugars are more stable now than ever before! I highly recommend this product as I KNOW it will help someone to better health.

    Blessings! Christine Best

    By Blogger Karen O, at 11:45 AM  

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