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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Looking for 'The Most BANG for Your Buck' ?

Before you buy expensive Mangosteen from any other company and pay costly s/h for heavy glass bottles...

We encourage you to compare the quality and concentrations of in *any* other company's product with the extraordinary Mangosteen *pericarp* in AMIGO Health juice.

Most products contain 15-50 mgs of either Mangosteen, Goji or Acai per serving. With our product, AMIGO Health, you'll get 500 mgs of *each* (Mangosteen, Goji and Acai) per serving.

Proprietary blends often do not list levels of their ingredients. This is a clever way to cover up the insignificant amounts of the key ingredients in their products. Compare the labels and see for yourself. Our AMIGO Health juice will win, 'hands down'!

Then compare the price, the cost of shipping and compare the countries open for business: http://www.amigohealthandwealth.com/aa/iic_intl_ilovemy.htm

Consider the fact that in addition to the Mangosteen pericarp there is *also* high quality, wild-harvested, freeze-dried Acai berries and shade/air-dried Goji berries in *each serving* of AMIGO Health juice.

What's so special about the , you ask?
What's so special about the , you ask? http://www.geocities.com/jcpriz/riovida2.html

Each serving of AMIGO juice (powder) contains:
500 mgs
Mangosteen (pericarp) per serving, PLUS...
500 mgs Goji Berries per serving, PLUS...
500 mgs Acai Berries per serving!

Each $49.95 canister contains 90 servings (3 servings a day for 30 days)

That's *4,500 mgs* of Nutrition EVERY DAY!

Click here for additional product information.

Click here for AMIGO Juice Capsules "Per Serving" info.

Two Points to Consider - What You Need to Know about the Importance of Pharmaceutical Grade Quality Mangosteen:

1. Our pursuit of the best quality Mangosteen pericarp (the rind of the Mangosteen fruit where the Xanthones are the most potent) started months and months before you ever saw Mangosteen for sale on the Internet.

Other companies may use parts of the Mangosteen fruit. While the fruit is good and tastes great, it's the *pericarp* (hull or rind) that houses all those potent Xanthones that we're all looking for.

Make sure you see 500 mgs of Mangosteen pericarp on the label, not Mangosteen powdered fruit! You see, although buying American made is a good thing for most products, you should only buy S.E. Asian when it comes to Mangosteen pericarp. The Asian climate may only fluctuate eight degrees over a twelve month period. This makes for a rich, healthy harvest.

Not all Asian "zones" are equal when it comes to quality Mangosteen. Over the years we've experienced some questionable quality of certain product samples, packaging, handling and exporting from some countries, so we prefer Thailand for the raw material. Buying only from our reliable sources gets us the quality of Mangosteen that we expect, and you should expect nothing less either!

2. Powerful, life-enhancing substances called have been found to be *more beneficial* than any vitamin. Xanthones have been the subject of intense research for several decades. (See for yourself how much research there is about Xanthones on www.pubmed.com. You will find over *1,250 summaries*.) These amazing substances are found in a select number of rain forest plants, but *no where* are Xanthones in *more abundance* than in the pericarp, or rind, of the Mangosteen fruit (Garcinia Mangostana).

Our Mangosteen is harvested when the fruit is ripe. These procedures insure you are getting the *highest concentration* of Xanthones possible from the ! No heat or solvents are used in the extraction process, so all enzymes remain intact. In fact, we use a "Cryogenic Freeze Dried" process for the highest quality Mangosteen supplement available.

Note: There is a 'no questions asked' 30 day money back guarantee on AMIGO Health products.

See for yourself ... FEEL the difference!

Read the comments for some delicious Amigo Juice recipes!



    Echo.Amigo wrote:
    I am having so much fun using AMiGO Juice. I put it on apple chunks. Make a drink out of it. Put it in yogurt. Put it on banana slices. I find that when I put it in a jar and shake it up it mixes BEAUTIFULLY! Yummy! Yum!

    Margaret Flanigan wrote:
    I like to put it into bottled water. Just take a sip of the water first to make some room in the bottle and then put in a scoop of yummy Amigo powder and shake vigorously! This does a pretty good job of dissolving the powder and doesn't make a mess! Enjoy!

    Gary wrote:
    The yogurt is great for me. I need the yogurt anyway and the Amigo powder makes it even better. I really like it in coconut yogurt.

    Carolyn Samuels wrote:
    Super Powerful Smoothie:
    vanilla yogurt, frozen peaches, 2 scoops of Amigo, 8 oz of bottled water. Mix in blender-Awesome

    Tracy wrote:
    Amigo Juice w/ milk? - *heading to the kitchen*

    Jennifer wrote:
    Oh yes Tracy!! It makes a simple berry smoothie and try it with ice!! My kids LOVE it!!

    Tracy wrote:
    I actually tried it a little while ago. It's awesome! You're exactly right, it's just like a berry smoothie. I could drink these all day long!

    Celena wrote:
    Hello fellow Amigos!
    I've been drinking the juice for going on two weeks now. My 4-yr-old likes to drink some each day, she calls it her "juicy-juice."
    I am anemic and have some arthritis problems, and I must say that I do feel MUCH more energy in drinking the juice! I'm real excited about that, as it's been difficult keeping up with a 2-yr-old and a 4-yr-old...but now I say, "bring it on!" We have much more fun together now. That's always a huge plus! I can't wait for everyone to know about this wonderful berry-blend!

    Wendy wrote:
    The Amigo powder turns plain yogurt into a fruity treat!

    4 Amigos wrote:
    I personally take double scoops of powder 4x daily and the only side effect I've had is feeling better than I have in a long time. I am not in anyway advocating taking 8 servings a day but that was my choice because I am very much addicted to the taste. I don't even attempt to totally liquify the powder as I like the after taste of the little bits of pulp.

    You can use a blender as it breaks down very easily in about 20 seconds and is absolutely delicious adding a few chucks of party ice. When I vigorously stir for about 25 seconds usually with a fork, I have found very little pulp remaining but I backed down to only 10-12 seconds as I personally prefer having some pulp bits going down because it has greater after taste in my opinion. Different strokes for different folks...

    Karen wrote:
    In the a.m. I make a smoothie with 4 oz of 1% milk, 1 scoop of Amigo and 1 banana. The small cup to my Magic Bullet blender works perfectly for this amount.

    When I get hungry again in a few hours, I have my favorite granola cereal with milk, slightly warmed in the microwave to soften the oats, then I sprinkle 1 scoop of powder over the top and mix it all into the cereal. The warm milk makes it dissolve well, and my cereal has a delicious berry flavor! Plus, now I don't have to buy *expensive* fresh blueberries anymore!

    Harun wrote:
    Ola Amigos,
    I'm putting together a list of great tasting recipes. If you've been cookin' in the kitchen with your Amigo juice and you've come up with a great drink, smoothie, or recipe, please send that to me at harun@mlmfirepower.com with the subject heading: Amigo Recipe.

    By Blogger Karen O, at 12:15 AM  

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