I Love My AMIGO...do you too?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Business Building Basics

Would you like to know about Amigo Health's for its Business Reps? If you are interested in building with a *simple* , then take a look at the uniqueness of this opportunity.

First of all, just a $10.00 *one-time fee* plus your autoship order gets you started! In return, the moment that you are done signing up, you'll receive your free company website with your own 'back office' that has video conferencing, audio files and pdf files. Experienced upline and company support is guaranteed, as well as weekly conference calls that will help you to build your business when you have interested people listen to the calls. And you are able to purchase beautiful, yet reasonably priced product brochures as well as packaged samples of the AMIGO juice powder to distribute and generate interest in your new business.

Here's what your free company website will look like:

Listen to this recorded call (1-620-294-1456), then email me (ilovemyamigo@cox.net) to get your new business going!



Commission Qualifying Details:

Qualify to earn 3% on all 9 levels with only 1 personally sponsored Customer or Rep and a $49.95 monthly product order

Qualify to earn 9% on levels 1-3 and 3% on levels 4-9 with only 3 personally sponsored Customers and/or Reps and a $49.95 monthly product order

Qualify to earn 9% on levels 1-6 and 3% on levels 7-9 with only 6 personally sponsored Customers and/or Reps and a $49.95 monthly product order

Qualify to earn 9% on all 9 levels with only 9 personally sponsored Customers and/or Reps and a $49.95 monthly product order

Earning Potential - Payout on one 3 x 9 Full Matrix: with all members in the matrix placing a minimum order of $49.95*

3 x 9 Matrix = 29,523 members times a $49.95 mo. purchase for each member

9% of $49.95 = $4.49

Therefore, a full 3 x 9 matrix with all members purchasing just $49.95 a month will pay out a total of over $130,000.00 ($132,558.27 to be exact) per month in commissions to you.

*Potential payout is higher if some members in the matrix place a larger order, at the 2-pak option for $80.00 or the 4-pak option for $120.00, etc.

Reach Maximum 81% PAYOUT with a minimum $49.95 personal monthly purchase and *only 9* personally sponsored Customers and/or Reps.

Re-entry: Ability to re-enter once your first matrix is full


Note that *Customers on autoship* receive the same wholesale product price as Reps on autoship. When a Rep signs up a new Customer, a spot on the matrix is filled just as it would be for signing up a new Rep, and the commission is the same.

Amigo Health offers various bonuses to Reps that sign up new business. Right now, any *current* Rep that upgrades their personal autoship order to one of the $120 Business Builder Packs and has at least 3 people in their matrix, will receive 5% of the company's *gross sales*. And if a *new* Rep signs up with one of the Business Builder Packs and sponsors a minimum of 3 new people this month, that new Rep gets a 5% 'piece of the pie', too.

Amigo Health is open for business to Reps in 21 countries and is shipped to Customers in 42 countries. Expansion is currently underway.

I love the simplicity of the pay plan and the fact that there's just ONE product to deal with! And Customers are held in as *high esteem* as the Reps, so there's no pressure for anyone to 'do the biz' if they prefer not to.

I Love My AMIGO...do you too?


Read the comments from satisfied Amigo Business Builders, as well as an explanation of "" and how it can benefit *you*...



    Jennifer wrote:
    Wow! Is all I can say! I joined this company in pre-launch and I am already amazed at the growth and the quality of the product. I have been taking the juice daily (love it with milk) and have such great energy, and I need it with 3 kids! Thanks to Amigo Juice for this AMAZING opportunity!!

    Tracy wrote:
    I am so glad that I got involved with Amigo Health! I have never seen a weekly income generated so quickly in any other biz opp I've been in (and I've been involved in quite a few). The product is nothing less than AMAZING and the comp plan is unheard of! Thanks Amigos!

    Werner wrote:
    Hey Amigos,I am very happy to join Amigo Health. It's the best busines opportunity around the world now. I live in Sydney, Australia, the best country in the world to live in. I'm taking my Amigo Juice every day and I feel great while making money too. I recommend Amigo Juice to everyone.
    Best Regards, Werner

    Tom Afford wrote:
    Hi From Australia.
    I jumped on board as soon as I got my sample from Tim. Because this being a one product business and so simple I joined as a pioneer for which I am very grateful. I have spoken too many people most of whom will join the business. Personally I haven't been so motivated and enthused about an MLM ever. I have been looking for a simple MLM with no training and no meetings for 10 years and this is it so get used to me being around. I absolutely love Amigo Juice and the business plan. Thanks AMIGOS for this opportunity I won't let you down. Tom Afford

    Thomas Andrade wrote:
    I'm excited to be an Amigo. Within the same week that I personally enrolled someone I got paid. To me the amount is not the significant part right now. That will happen. The speed and the fact of it reinforces the power of this program. I am so glad I got in early.

    Dale Canup wrote:
    Thanks to brother Dan for turning me on to Amigo Juice.
    I feel better after just 10 days on the "juice",...more energy,....and endurance,....and what a Comp Plan!!!

    My Quote: The worse you can do is get HEALTHY,...with a little work you could get WEALTHY!

    Tex Robinson wrote:
    G'day Amigos, from Australia! Down under we like good health, good fun and good winners. Amigo Health delivers on all three!
    A new breed of Amigo Aussies has been born!

    Tom wrote:
    It is such a pleasure to bring info about this new product to others. I feel I'm going to save them a bundle of money and turn them on to a superior product. When you mention saving money it does get their attention. Tom

    Gary Scholl wrote:
    I can not believe my eyes, I have never experienced growth like this. I am an executive and working on presidential and in only 5 weeks this is wonderful. And my wife is using the product, it keeps her diabetes under control as well as her fibromyalgia. This product is wonderful, I hope evryone wil enjoy it as much as we do and get the benefit of this product.

    Margey wrote:
    I am SO thankful that I found Amigo Health in pre-launch. I am so impressed with the company, the support, the growth, and I LOVE the Amigo capsules! I have had sinus and allergy problems for SO LONG and I am really seeing an improvement with that. I have more energy and sleep like a baby. Any joint pains I had are gone! I will never be without my Amigo capsules! I am here to stay!

    By Blogger Karen O, at 12:43 AM  


    The thing that distinguishes the matrix compensation plan from other network marketing plans (for example, those plans with "legs" and monthly point requirements) is that it is a *limited width plan*. The width for AMIGO Health is 3 people. So, there are only 3 people maximum on each rep’s first level. As more people enroll, they go under those first level people. If, for example, there were 3 first level people, there could be 9 people on the second level, and 27 people on the third level, etc. Thus, an organization could conceivably grow into hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of people. AMIGO Health pays down to 9 levels! You can receive 9% of the product purchases for each person in your downline, for a total of 81% max payout!

    A matrix plan allows for “spillover.” Spillover occurs when someone not enrolled by you is placed in your downline, and thus, has “spilled over.” This can be a neat, exciting thing to happen to a rep. To be a beneficiary of substantial “spillover” you have to be in the right place, under upline members who are doing quite a bit of recruiting.

    This is why you have found the best opportunity to hit network marketing in a long time, and you have found a team and sponsor that will help bring you success! We are going to fill our matrices and the spillover you can receive will provide a lot of help in building your own organization.

    The biggest drawback to a matrix plan and “spillover” is that often it attracts the lazy type of person who does not want to work. AMIGO Health has addressed this by having a small sponsoring requirement to qualify. You only need *1 person* to begin qualifying for commissions. Sponsor up to 9 total for maximum commissions.

    The matrix compensation plan is particularly attractive to people who can just work their business on a part-time basis. The low monthly product purchase usually required helps it to be a workable plan for both part-timers and the non-sales types. People who are willing to do a little bit of work are likely to find that success is truly within their reach with this opportunity offered by AMIGO Health!

    Our unique product, AMIGO Health Juice, is a tremendous value at only $49.95. It costs even less when you order 2 or more canisters of powder or bottles of capsules at a time.

    With a *one-time* rep fee of $10, your free website and my support, you can start to earn a significant income from home!

    If this opportunity appeals to you, then contact Karen at your earliest convenience: ilovemyamigo@cox.net

    By Blogger Karen O, at 7:19 PM  

  • Billie & Earlean wrote:
    After researching products that contain Xanthones and Glycans in Genetic Disorders and Disease,we noticed the advantage of AMIGO with it's high nutrative anti-oxidant value. As a Breast Cancer survivor from the very start there were noticeable improvements in health such as more energy, release from night sweats and phantom shooting pains as well as the lessening of burning pain associated with Osteo-Arthritis and the side effects of interrupted sleep. It is so nice to awake refreshed.
    When Karen and I were looking for Xanthone product we had no education about the advantages of Xanthones. Then to find out that AMIGO contains 3 essential fruits that address different immuno-deficiency maladies then we knew we had stumbled upon a real find and the price is realistic especially when you consider all the benefits. It's something we just had to give a try and are we so glad we regularly use this fine product.

    By Blogger Billie, at 9:45 AM  

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