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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Antioxidants Can Be So Much More

If an could also provide , , and activity, as well as , and properties...do you know someone that would want to know about that?

If an antioxidant nutritional supplement could also be a good source of , and , especially in vitamins A, C and E, and other compounds, , , and ...do you know someone that would want to know about that?

If so, for a or more info please contact Karen at: ilovemyamigo@cox.net or go to: http://ilovemy.amigohealth.com

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Let's Get the Juice on New 'Miracle' Berries

Here's an interesting point-of-view from a guy that put this 'miracle' berry to the test for a week. This berry is one of the key ingredients in AMIGO Health , powder or capsules:


Berries for Better Eyesight?

This berry can improve your (news link below), and is one of the key ingredients in AMIGO Health , powder or capsules:


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I like this product *so much* that I decided to sell it.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I found a product that does what it says. Finally.

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Tired of nutritional products that let you down?

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So the bottom line is, does this product really work?

Have you heard about a new wellness supplement called AMIGO Health? No? Well, I hadn't either until I started researching on the Internet for something natural, yet powerful, to give my son's a boost. When I read about the very special ingredients in AMIGO Health juice, I knew that I had found a unique and potent product.

I initially purchased this supplement in capsule form to help my son. Then I wanted to be on it too because of the tremendous nutritional value, so I started my AMIGO Health juice powder on May 5th.

Here are the positive changes I've seen so far: Within *just 3 days* I saw a *big* difference in the appearance of the joints on my fingers that have arthritis. They are much less swollen, the redness is gone, the burning sensation from the pain is gone, and the flexibility is back to normal. I turned 52 this year, and the arthritis had been getting progressively worse. It's great to notice relief so quickly!

Also, my knees do not have as much inflammation around them. The pain used to be so bad, I could not kneel onto any surface without instantly shouting in pain. Now I can kneel on the floor for about 5 seconds before I have to get up again. That's a little progress! And the tenderness underneath my right heel is no longer bothering me when I walk.

I'm also losing weight...yay! I can tell that my body is burning food more efficiently and my colon, always *extremely* sluggish, is now active the way it's supposed to be, which I know is helping with the weight loss. My cravings for carbs and sweets are practically gone and I'm enjoying more energy during the day. My mood is happier and I'm sleeping very soundly...better than in a long time. My skin is also feeling softer all over my body, and the dark spots on my face (sun damage) are actually getting lighter in color! So I am very pleased, and I look forward to more positive changes as the cells of my body continue to be repaired and nourished by AMIGO Health juice.

Have fun 'touring' my blog. The first two posts (below) provide plenty of info about the special ingredients in AMIGO Health juice, as well as the company that brings it to you.

Here are some sites to visit. But before you order anything be sure to get back to the Rep that sent you here or look for their site link on the right side of this page, under LINKS. I know they'd appreciate hearing from you!






Read the comments: Compelling Consumer Testimonials ...

Looking for 'The Most BANG for Your Buck' ?

Before you buy expensive Mangosteen from any other company and pay costly s/h for heavy glass bottles...

We encourage you to compare the quality and concentrations of in *any* other company's product with the extraordinary Mangosteen *pericarp* in AMIGO Health juice.

Most products contain 15-50 mgs of either Mangosteen, Goji or Acai per serving. With our product, AMIGO Health, you'll get 500 mgs of *each* (Mangosteen, Goji and Acai) per serving.

Proprietary blends often do not list levels of their ingredients. This is a clever way to cover up the insignificant amounts of the key ingredients in their products. Compare the labels and see for yourself. Our AMIGO Health juice will win, 'hands down'!

Then compare the price, the cost of shipping and compare the countries open for business: http://www.amigohealthandwealth.com/aa/iic_intl_ilovemy.htm

Consider the fact that in addition to the Mangosteen pericarp there is *also* high quality, wild-harvested, freeze-dried Acai berries and shade/air-dried Goji berries in *each serving* of AMIGO Health juice.

What's so special about the , you ask?
What's so special about the , you ask? http://www.geocities.com/jcpriz/riovida2.html

Each serving of AMIGO juice (powder) contains:
500 mgs
Mangosteen (pericarp) per serving, PLUS...
500 mgs Goji Berries per serving, PLUS...
500 mgs Acai Berries per serving!

Each $49.95 canister contains 90 servings (3 servings a day for 30 days)

That's *4,500 mgs* of Nutrition EVERY DAY!

Click here for additional product information.

Click here for AMIGO Juice Capsules "Per Serving" info.

Two Points to Consider - What You Need to Know about the Importance of Pharmaceutical Grade Quality Mangosteen:

1. Our pursuit of the best quality Mangosteen pericarp (the rind of the Mangosteen fruit where the Xanthones are the most potent) started months and months before you ever saw Mangosteen for sale on the Internet.

Other companies may use parts of the Mangosteen fruit. While the fruit is good and tastes great, it's the *pericarp* (hull or rind) that houses all those potent Xanthones that we're all looking for.

Make sure you see 500 mgs of Mangosteen pericarp on the label, not Mangosteen powdered fruit! You see, although buying American made is a good thing for most products, you should only buy S.E. Asian when it comes to Mangosteen pericarp. The Asian climate may only fluctuate eight degrees over a twelve month period. This makes for a rich, healthy harvest.

Not all Asian "zones" are equal when it comes to quality Mangosteen. Over the years we've experienced some questionable quality of certain product samples, packaging, handling and exporting from some countries, so we prefer Thailand for the raw material. Buying only from our reliable sources gets us the quality of Mangosteen that we expect, and you should expect nothing less either!

2. Powerful, life-enhancing substances called have been found to be *more beneficial* than any vitamin. Xanthones have been the subject of intense research for several decades. (See for yourself how much research there is about Xanthones on www.pubmed.com. You will find over *1,250 summaries*.) These amazing substances are found in a select number of rain forest plants, but *no where* are Xanthones in *more abundance* than in the pericarp, or rind, of the Mangosteen fruit (Garcinia Mangostana).

Our Mangosteen is harvested when the fruit is ripe. These procedures insure you are getting the *highest concentration* of Xanthones possible from the ! No heat or solvents are used in the extraction process, so all enzymes remain intact. In fact, we use a "Cryogenic Freeze Dried" process for the highest quality Mangosteen supplement available.

Note: There is a 'no questions asked' 30 day money back guarantee on AMIGO Health products.

See for yourself ... FEEL the difference!

Read the comments for some delicious Amigo Juice recipes!

Business Building Basics

Would you like to know about Amigo Health's for its Business Reps? If you are interested in building with a *simple* , then take a look at the uniqueness of this opportunity.

First of all, just a $10.00 *one-time fee* plus your autoship order gets you started! In return, the moment that you are done signing up, you'll receive your free company website with your own 'back office' that has video conferencing, audio files and pdf files. Experienced upline and company support is guaranteed, as well as weekly conference calls that will help you to build your business when you have interested people listen to the calls. And you are able to purchase beautiful, yet reasonably priced product brochures as well as packaged samples of the AMIGO juice powder to distribute and generate interest in your new business.

Here's what your free company website will look like:

Listen to this recorded call (1-620-294-1456), then email me (ilovemyamigo@cox.net) to get your new business going!



Commission Qualifying Details:

Qualify to earn 3% on all 9 levels with only 1 personally sponsored Customer or Rep and a $49.95 monthly product order

Qualify to earn 9% on levels 1-3 and 3% on levels 4-9 with only 3 personally sponsored Customers and/or Reps and a $49.95 monthly product order

Qualify to earn 9% on levels 1-6 and 3% on levels 7-9 with only 6 personally sponsored Customers and/or Reps and a $49.95 monthly product order

Qualify to earn 9% on all 9 levels with only 9 personally sponsored Customers and/or Reps and a $49.95 monthly product order

Earning Potential - Payout on one 3 x 9 Full Matrix: with all members in the matrix placing a minimum order of $49.95*

3 x 9 Matrix = 29,523 members times a $49.95 mo. purchase for each member

9% of $49.95 = $4.49

Therefore, a full 3 x 9 matrix with all members purchasing just $49.95 a month will pay out a total of over $130,000.00 ($132,558.27 to be exact) per month in commissions to you.

*Potential payout is higher if some members in the matrix place a larger order, at the 2-pak option for $80.00 or the 4-pak option for $120.00, etc.

Reach Maximum 81% PAYOUT with a minimum $49.95 personal monthly purchase and *only 9* personally sponsored Customers and/or Reps.

Re-entry: Ability to re-enter once your first matrix is full


Note that *Customers on autoship* receive the same wholesale product price as Reps on autoship. When a Rep signs up a new Customer, a spot on the matrix is filled just as it would be for signing up a new Rep, and the commission is the same.

Amigo Health offers various bonuses to Reps that sign up new business. Right now, any *current* Rep that upgrades their personal autoship order to one of the $120 Business Builder Packs and has at least 3 people in their matrix, will receive 5% of the company's *gross sales*. And if a *new* Rep signs up with one of the Business Builder Packs and sponsors a minimum of 3 new people this month, that new Rep gets a 5% 'piece of the pie', too.

Amigo Health is open for business to Reps in 21 countries and is shipped to Customers in 42 countries. Expansion is currently underway.

I love the simplicity of the pay plan and the fact that there's just ONE product to deal with! And Customers are held in as *high esteem* as the Reps, so there's no pressure for anyone to 'do the biz' if they prefer not to.

I Love My AMIGO...do you too?


Read the comments from satisfied Amigo Business Builders, as well as an explanation of "" and how it can benefit *you*...